Friday, June 9, 2017

Interesting facts about Radio Kootwijk town of Netherlands

Travelers are often seen to go on a hunt for cities all around the world that are not typically found on the tourist’s map or any of the schemes of a travel agency. These types of tours certainly increase the amount of joy and adventure of the journey. It also serves the purpose and interest of knowing about such a place that you could not find any information about on the internet or anywhere else except the fact you are in that place in real life. Experienced trackers are expert in traveling to these places along with their family and friends. People who like to travel to these remote places have the interest to go to places that are not normally visited by others. All around the world, every country consists of such remote and surreal places that serve the purpose of the adventure of these travelers. These places always have their own characteristics that separate them from other places with tourist’s value. 

Netherlands is such a place that is filled with cities and towns to satisfy the need of a tourist from every aspect possible. People who are interested in weird and surreal places are in for a treat if they choose Netherlands as their destination of tourism as there is such a place that meets the requirements of a surreal place. It is known as the Radio Kootwijk city of the Netherlands. There is no mention found in the official tourist schemes of any of the tourist agencies as it is a very small town and doesn’t attract much of the international tourists towards it. 

Radio Kootwijk is a town located in the Dutch municipality of Apeldoorn with a population of around 120 people according to a research of 2006. It is forest rich territory located to the east of the sidehills and the local Kootwijk village. The whole area was established to serve the purpose of a shortwave radio transmitter building during the year of 1918. As a result, the establishments of Radio Kootwijk are proof of many historical events their existence covers around 100 years. 

At first glance, the place makes you think why anyone would build such a building in the middle of nowhere. The desolated areas around the station make the environment more mysterious to the travelers and interesting as well. The station was built during the 20th century to establish wireless communication with Asia regarding the trading matters as Indonesia was a Dutch colony and the vital part of the global trading society. While the building was being made, 1200 meters of circled area around the station was flattened for locating five communication poles to make a ring. The poles don’t exist anymore, but the place is still flat making it creepier. It was designed by an architect named Julius Luthmann. The radio station is no more functional, but the Government has announced it as a monument for the tourist.     

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